Monday, 18 November 2013

Why your Digital Marketing Strategy is failing?

 DigitalMarketing helps to fetch leads and increase sales for a business. It worries a lot when there is a decline in the sales and no leads are being fetched. However, it may be the result of poor Digital Marketing strategy. Let’s discuss the 3 must haves that will help boosting and increase sales and leads.

 1.       Conversion of more visitors should be the first priority

The first and foremost priority of the Administrator is to increase the number of visitors to respective website. The visitors should find it really friendly to access the website, keeping the website simple yet full of information and other products and accessibilities that generally a user is in need. Being clear, open and honest about what exactly being served, not wasting the time of visitors by unnecessary form filling procedures, which usually many visitors find it frustrating and is considered to be a bad impression on the website and most importantly, updating with new products and information to the users, who visits website. These tips help creating a good impression further leading to a long term relationships with the customers creating goodwill and influences the users to visit again.

2.       Adopting SEO Strategy for the Website

Google has been updating its search engine with its major updates such as Hummingbird, it is time for a website to tackle the SEO strategy to create its online presence, and also keep a check whether the SEO strategy is done according to the Hummingbird updates or not. Ensure that the search engines have a purpose as each pages on a website that have been allowed, should get optimized according to the search engine. Analyze each keyword that matches to a particular field of a website, have enough content to support a particular keyword, which may drive relevant traffic. Do a deep dive analysis of backlinks and be updated. Keep a check on what the rivals are doing with their SEO techniques and strategies.

3.       Don’t be scared of making wrong decisions

Visitors like to feel and experience changes. Keep testing a website with few interesting changes and coming up with exclusive features, which other websites do not have. There is nothing to worry about being wrong in changing the look and feel of a website, or with the creativity, simply get the website live. Data analyzed shows whether the changes achieved the targeted goals or not, if not then the website can be updated very quickly and for testing other ideas.
Digital Marketing strategies can never be perfect, but understanding and adapting the technology and the changes can advantage in the future of businesses.


  1. Hello Admin

    The above all else need of the Administrator is to expand the quantity of guests to the individual site. The guests should discover it extremely well disposed to get to the site, keeping the site straightforward yet brimming with data and different items and availabilities that for the most part a client needs. Being clear, transparent about what precisely being served, not burning through the hour of guests by superfluous structure filling techniques, which generally numerous guests think that its baffling and is viewed as an awful impact on the site and above all, refreshing with new items and data to the clients, who visits a site. These tips help to make a decent impression further prompting long haul associations with the clients making generosity and impacts the clients to visit once more.

    Thanks & Regard

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