Sunday, 24 November 2013

Components of a Good Web Development Company
Webdevelopment world is misunderstood by a majority of people. Generally people posses no idea related to web development. All they know is developing a website and it is done. When it comes to designing a high quality website or web application, it becomes necessary to identify which web Development Company shall be hired. Below are the key points, how to identify a good web development company.
A good web development company has following qualities:
·         Able to do both front-end and back-end development
A good web developer posses the understanding of full development cycle and the ability to deal with a project from start till the end and achieve a target successfully. Therefore, it is a must, that a developer shall understand the importance of both front end and back end development and shall deal with both.
·         Should follow best practices
A good developer is the one who use healthy and best practices and not the technologies that he uses. Technologies keep on changing, but the best practices with remain be best and will evolve. He shall make use of techniques such as writing semantic HTML, follow web standards for all front end coding, use of a MVC frameworks and so on. Such practices will not only make a website healthy, but will remain the best.
·         To understand the project and the strategies that surrounds it
It is necessary to understand the strategies and elements that are associated with the project. It is generally because, to understand the needs and give the perfect advise to the clients and provide them with best possible solutions, therefore making their business reaching zenith.
·         Investing and taking enough time for research and development
As the web industry is one of the fastest, it is necessary to allocate time each week for research and development and find out new evolving trends and techniques. For a developer, R&D is important, each week and use it in to make wonders. 

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