Friday, 29 November 2013

Things to consider while covering logo rationales

A logo of an organization plays an important role. It acts as a mirror and reflects back what the organization deals with. While planning a logo for a company, different-different ideas strike the mind which is based on strong concepts and imaginations. While presenting the logo concepts to the client, it is preferable to present it in written rationales so that the ideas and concepts could be accompanied together and very well explained and clarified to the client. It becomes convenient for the one who added logic to the logo, the designer to better explain the concepts and express it in front of the clients as well as to reach a final decision when it comes to selecting a final logo. Written rationales help to defend and explain the concerns and questions that may arise from the client during the process of logo revision.
 Some topics to be considered while writing the logo rationales:

  • Symbolism: A strong explanation and clarification is required while expressing for what reasons a logo has been chosen. Explain it as much as it is important and that is easy for the client to understand and see the reflection of the whole organization within the selected logo.
  • Relationship: Relationship has to be established while selecting a logo. Viewers should relate the company’s personality, goals, the area that they deal, vision, values within that particular logo. Therefore, it is necessary to decide a logo that very well compliments the organization and its goals.
  • Style: The client has to be very well explained why the style for the logo has been chosen. Clarification should be provided about why the style has been chosen and how does it resemble the personality and image of the business.
  • Colour: Explain the colour choices, in what way, the colour relates the business, how does it represent the business and so on. Selecting the colour for a logo is a necessary part and has to be discussed and chosen carefully.
  • Typography: Explain, why the typefaces used in a logo has been chosen and how does it represent the company and other elements present in the logo. How dies it relate the design and the company itself.  

However, a written rationale is a good tool for communication but the client preferences, requirements and opinions are more important. The clients better know about what they want, who are their target audiences, therefore the logo should be from the client’s point of view rather than generating own ideas. 

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