Friday, 8 November 2013

What does being a social business really mean?

Of lately, Social media and Social business are the terms which people are talking about. Both have their own importance and are perfectly distinguished, and the organizations which do not have the knowledge that how these terms are distinguished, are missing out a huge opportunity that will improve the functioning and business process.

What is the difference between Social Media and Social Business?

Social media is a platform that acts as a channel and a market that makes it possible to interact with everyone throughout the globe, which technology made it happen. Social media now days serve as an agent for the social changes as well. Social media has made it possible to be user friendly, so that every human being could use it. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the perfect examples for it, as millions of users can be find on these social networks spending and sharing their life events throughout the day.

Whereas the Social business that has been spotlighted since few years, has been gaining popularity in the recent times. There is a big difference between a business that uses social media like posting the product details on Facebook and Tweeting the same on Twitter and the job is done! And one that establishes social connections across the web and influences people to talk and share about the businesses or products. Social business is basically accessing the social networks to produce an effective and efficient output.

Social media has now become a communication and marketing channel so that people and even business could reach around the world and increase productivity, whereas the social business blend of business processes and strategies, technology and people to be successful by adopting the social media techniques in their own way but by following certain protocols. Social media is a broader concept as compared to the Social business as the social business is a part of Social media now, which allows an organization to communicate and interact with the external factors.

Social business is the game player which adopts the strategy of boosting the development of new products by using the internal and external social communications for lead generation and employing social listening and analytics. The traditional way of business has been revolutionized  to social business now and the way business process is carried out in the era of social processes, e-business and mindsets and how the social business interact with the external factors, team and collaborate and share the experiences and knowledge. 

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