Wednesday, 27 November 2013

How to cope up with Google’s 2014 Algorithm Updates

The year 2013 had been an incredible year in terms of Google updates featuring Humming Bird algorithm, further releases of Penguin and Panda and so on. Due to such major updates, many SEO strategies were ruined and played no role in improvement in the Search Engine platforms. SEO industry faced a major problem and was a doubtful issue whether they will be able to cope up in the market or not after such major changes in the updates and strategies of the search engine giants Google. The future can never be predicted and so is 2014. No one has any idea of what the search engine giant is planning for 2014 and what changes it shall bring it in the search and keyword strategies. But nothing is impossible, monitoring the behaviour of the search engine giants and other techniques may give an idea about what’s coming next! Research and development is a necessary part to predict what changes might come. Therefore, after a research, here are some suggestions for SEO companies and professionals who want to get prepared for changes that might come in the year 2014.
·         2013 updates carried forward, only the volume and details will be added
All that happened in 2013 will be carried forward in 2014, but some micro adjustments might be done to Panda and Penguin that will target both link and content quality.   Read more.....

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