Thursday, 14 November 2013

Creating content in response to Hummingbird Algorithm

After the announcement of Google’s Hummingbird search algorithm, it left a lot of questions and confusions in developing the content strategy. The first and foremost step in development of a healthy content is to understand what the audience want and what are their interests, and how the analytics can be boosted and understanding the trends to be followed. The second step is to maximize the visibility of the content in both organic as well as social media channels by developing and structuring the content.

According to the Google’s search algorithm Hummingbird, the following two concepts may help structuring an appropriate content:

Understanding the changing search trends and behaviour and developing content accordingly

Hummingbird update was introduced to understand the behaviour of users while searching on web. Queries are day by day becoming long tail and conversational; users tend to ask questions instead of searching for keywords to find exactly what their requirements are. Such queries are true with voice based search which is still in its infancy.

While going through the trends for question-based searches over last 7 years, a distinct rise in such queries had been found in 2009 and continuing today.

It is really very important to understand the search patterns of the users while developing a fresh content for a site. Due to the increase in the question based search trends and the motive of Hummingbird search algorithm to provide quick results, it’s important to create content in an informational manner to address the needs of the audiences.

Giving appropriate title to the content

The title of the content plays a vital role as it is necessary to achieve success and exposure, whether it is a blog posts or infographics. The title has to be decided carefully to catch the attention of several online users to share it on a social platform or on the RSS feeds, therefore, a matter of seconds matter to grab the attention of online users. Try to make the content go viral from the following techniques:

Include numbers:
Lists of numbers perform extremely well, especially when the number is a large one and closer to the beginning. A larger number may attract the users influencing to them to think about the number of options available with the content and learn from, which will encourage them to click the post as well as to share it. Preferably actual numbers should be used instead of words.

Prefer using attractive words

Titles should be decided in such a way that it grabs the attention of the users. Try using words like “Dead or “Bleed” that performs extremely good. Such types of words catch the attention of the users immediately and create a level of anxiety and curiosity that the users don’t afford to ignore. 

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