Tuesday, 25 February 2014

What’s next after Responsive Wed Design (RWD)?

Online presence is the first touch point for a customer in today’s digital world. Businesses need to make their website more interactive which helps the visitor make buying decisions. Over the years website designing has gone through several changes.

As technology evolves every day the web development industry also need to adopt the latest changes. Internet is no more limited to computer screens only, it has made its debut to other devices as well. Now we can access our email or surf online on our Tablets, TVs, Smart-phones and even wearable gadgets.

Along with RWD, Scalable Web Design (SWD) is also the need of the hour. In order to get a cutting edge over competitors, adopting this methodology is a must. This approach helps design a website with Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) or designs, which is capable of scaling in size on any device without losing its details or sharpness.

More devices are getting online and Internet of Everything (IoE) is the talk of town in Silicon Valley now. A lot has changed with the invention of wearable glasses. Development and designing of websites are not limited to only few devices but several. The day is not too far when we can talk to our refrigerators and TV sets. Having said that the website development industry has a lot of homework to do. Designing a more interactive platform to be used on all the future devices would be the first to start with. Then comes the extensive use of touch, voice and gestures control. Future designs should be more adoptive to these changes as well.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

3 Tips business owners should learn in 2014 for best SEO results.

Year of 2013 brought a lot of changes in digital marketing world and “SEO is dead” was the talk of town till the end of 2013. Google released few updates last year and that changed a lot the way businesses operate in 2014. Let’s find out what strategies businesses can adopt in order to get the best ROI on their SEO investments.   

1. In-depth knowledge of SEO is a must in 2014. -  6th Feb 2014 was the day when Google launched its latest algorithm update called “Top Heavy 3” which doesn’t seem to impact much. However, the results seem promising for Google. For any SEO program, links, content and social media are the three core elements. So in order to make your SEO campaign work, you need to maintain a balanced equation between its core components more rigorously.

2. Understand your content marketing standard and improve it – Providing fresh and relevant content is the key to your success in online marketing. In the last few years we have clearly seen the impact of effective content marketing on global businesses. With time this industry is also reaching digital maturity. As content marketing domain grows at an immensely faster rate, the ROI on this is also expected to increase.
3. Let your business GO Mobile!  – Google’s Hummingbird updates came to existence last year and changed the way we search online. There are nearly 7 billion mobile users in the world today and most of them search on their mobile devices. With the Hummingbird update it has become more challenging to rank well on Google search. Businesses now need to work on their responsive web design and mobile content more efficiently to run their SEO program effectively. Responsive web design (RWD) helps your online presence reach to numbers of mobile devices, hence, optimization of your website as per RWD methodology is a must.

‘Top Heavy 3’ is the latest news in digital marketing industry. So far Google has not released any official data about the changes this update has brought. SEO community is eagerly waiting for the latest information from Google about its newest update.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

How to build a strong content marketing team for your company?

As the demand to provide non-duplicate content increased the agencies have to rethink about their methods. They need to come up with new and fresh ideas in order to make their content reach to the masses. Due to the challenges faced in managing content via an agency, most companies are now planning to manage their content marketing in-house. The only challenge is to find and manage a strong team that can run a successful content marketing campaign. Unlike other marketing teams finding the people with right caliber and recruiting them as talented team members is most critical.
Let’s find out and have a closer look at the key points one should keep in mind while hiring and managing such a team to run your campaign successfully.
Let your team know your business strategy – The content marketing team should be well aware of the market you cater, your current business positioning, nature of your business and most important the goals of your company. Each team member should be on one page about these points. Explain these points to your future team so the members can understand and work with each other to achieve similar targets.
It’s all about clients - Make sure you have someone in your team who spends most of his time interacting with your clients. Sharing his best practices or some past experiences regularly will help your team understand your client base. Let the team members express their views on a particular case study. This will help your team to come-up with new ideas and methods to deal with such issues in future. Take notes while they talk, it makes them feel important.

Writing and managing content – Finding a good writer takes time and patience. Look for someone who understands your business goals and future expectations from content marketing team. A genius who can translate and showcase your projects effectively.
SEO and Online marketing – Last but certainly not the least are your SEO team members. These are the ones who will find potential future customers for your business. They should be well versed with SEO methodology on all the social media channels of different mediums like text, videos, audios and images.
While building a content marketing team, getting the right team members in place makes all the difference. If you are planning to hire an agency to manage your content, the above mentioned tips may come in handy. These can be used as a blueprint to match your business goals with the prospecting agency.