Sunday, 23 February 2014

3 Tips business owners should learn in 2014 for best SEO results.

Year of 2013 brought a lot of changes in digital marketing world and “SEO is dead” was the talk of town till the end of 2013. Google released few updates last year and that changed a lot the way businesses operate in 2014. Let’s find out what strategies businesses can adopt in order to get the best ROI on their SEO investments.   

1. In-depth knowledge of SEO is a must in 2014. -  6th Feb 2014 was the day when Google launched its latest algorithm update called “Top Heavy 3” which doesn’t seem to impact much. However, the results seem promising for Google. For any SEO program, links, content and social media are the three core elements. So in order to make your SEO campaign work, you need to maintain a balanced equation between its core components more rigorously.

2. Understand your content marketing standard and improve it – Providing fresh and relevant content is the key to your success in online marketing. In the last few years we have clearly seen the impact of effective content marketing on global businesses. With time this industry is also reaching digital maturity. As content marketing domain grows at an immensely faster rate, the ROI on this is also expected to increase.
3. Let your business GO Mobile!  – Google’s Hummingbird updates came to existence last year and changed the way we search online. There are nearly 7 billion mobile users in the world today and most of them search on their mobile devices. With the Hummingbird update it has become more challenging to rank well on Google search. Businesses now need to work on their responsive web design and mobile content more efficiently to run their SEO program effectively. Responsive web design (RWD) helps your online presence reach to numbers of mobile devices, hence, optimization of your website as per RWD methodology is a must.

‘Top Heavy 3’ is the latest news in digital marketing industry. So far Google has not released any official data about the changes this update has brought. SEO community is eagerly waiting for the latest information from Google about its newest update.

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