Tuesday, 25 February 2014

What’s next after Responsive Wed Design (RWD)?

Online presence is the first touch point for a customer in today’s digital world. Businesses need to make their website more interactive which helps the visitor make buying decisions. Over the years website designing has gone through several changes.

As technology evolves every day the web development industry also need to adopt the latest changes. Internet is no more limited to computer screens only, it has made its debut to other devices as well. Now we can access our email or surf online on our Tablets, TVs, Smart-phones and even wearable gadgets.

Along with RWD, Scalable Web Design (SWD) is also the need of the hour. In order to get a cutting edge over competitors, adopting this methodology is a must. This approach helps design a website with Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) or designs, which is capable of scaling in size on any device without losing its details or sharpness.

More devices are getting online and Internet of Everything (IoE) is the talk of town in Silicon Valley now. A lot has changed with the invention of wearable glasses. Development and designing of websites are not limited to only few devices but several. The day is not too far when we can talk to our refrigerators and TV sets. Having said that the website development industry has a lot of homework to do. Designing a more interactive platform to be used on all the future devices would be the first to start with. Then comes the extensive use of touch, voice and gestures control. Future designs should be more adoptive to these changes as well.

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