Saturday, 8 March 2014

4 Steps to plan Content Writing for your brand

There are different components that contribute towards the online success of a brand or business. To effectively promote a business online, synchronization between SEO and SMO teams is a must. With both the teams working together a brand may gain popularity overnight. Writing good quality content is an integral part of any successful SMO campaign.

Having said that, it is very important to create and executive a content writing plan. We touched upon 4 such points which can be considered as a roadmap for any content marketing strategy.

1.       Focus of Quality – Wisely choose titles and keywords of your post, don’t overdo it. Use images with relevant captions and links. With changing times, people don’t have much time to read and go through any brand’s story. Value their time and be precise to your point. The blog or article should have something interesting to engage with the reader. A little humor relevant to the topic makes the post interesting.

2.       Don’t ignore Quantity – First study your best competitors and measure their online presence. Then simply post more blogs/articles than them. Your published content should have lots of relevant keywords. This will help you gain more presence in search engine results. Quality content published in enough quantity is recognized by the search engines, remember this rule for your brand’s success. 

3.       Be regular – Sharing the latest happenings of your business is also important. Once you have some audience, don’t disappoint them, post regular updates related to your brand and industry. This will keep them stick with your brand as they will consider your social channels a medium of regular news. This will also bring new readers for you blog and website.

4.       Don’t give up, EVER! - Most brands fail as they get exhausted of posting too soon and don’t plan for future. They don’t have any concrete future plans for their content marketing. The key to success in content marketing is to keep on going while your counterparts are resting. This is the most important aspect to manage your brand’s visibility online and offline.

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