Tuesday, 11 March 2014

How to write the right engaging content?

Those days are gone when bloggers used article spinners to make their content. All that has changed and now there is more emphasis on quality content. Google is focused on playing fair and give preference to the quality material published on internet. This made the content writing industry shift their gears towards quality rather than quantity. Moreover, writing quality content is also important due to the follow reasons:

·         Increased readers base – Content written with quality is easy to read and understand and can be a great tool for social media channels. As people spend most of their time on social media channels, quality of the content encourages them to share it with their social connections as well. Once people know the quality of material you provide. They look forward for more quality content from your end. In Addition to that search engines give preference to your content as you provided quality to your readers.

·         Less penalties – Search engines like Google awards such content by higher rankings. Search engines look for fresh content which is written with quality, without spelling or grammatical errors. So making the content work towards your brand’s success was never so easy, use it wisely.
There is lot of buzz about how to write quality content to increase engagement. We dig into the subject and came with 4 tips to write engaging content.

1.       Get inspiration and assistance – Learn from the masters of the industry, connect with the leading writers on social channels. Let them see your content and comment on it. Engage on regular basis, become a student, ask questions and listen carefully.

2.       Dedicate a little more time – Learn the trends of your previous posts and find out what your readers like to read the most. Spend some time to think and research on how to write interesting yet useful articles.

3.       Framing your format – Writing for internet channels is quite different from writing for print formats. Plan your write-ups accordingly and then write. Try to be short and precise to your point. Make the content interesting, beautify it with bullet lists and small paragraphs.

4.       Make it talk – “Images are worth a thousand words” use this rule for your content. Make your articles talk to the audience. Use images relevant to the content, examples with infographics or even videos, if needed. All these interesting methods help you increase engagement with your readers.

Following the above mentioned tips will eventually help your search engine optimization team as well. Both SEO and SMO teams can work hand in hand to achieve similar business goals. 

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