Thursday, 26 December 2013

Most Important Deliverables To Consider During Website Development

There are many web development and SEO companies that strive hard to deliver results but it is important to understand and recognize the companies that offer the best in terms of design and quality. All web design projects should begin by aiming at some core deliverables that are required to build the website and to make it a success.
Let's have a look at the top important deliverables that every website design company should offer to their web designing clients.
1. Initial Site Architecture
This is an important aspect to be considered before deciding the color theme, image sliders or even the layout of the website in consideration. The Initial site architecture will lead to deciding the internal linking structure and the site navigation map. This aspect will show you the outline of the website pages and a brief about the content that will go in each page. This structure s later materialized into what is known as sitemap. This is an essential step to be taken while developing a website.

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