Thursday, 19 December 2013

Boosting Social Engagement in 2014

Social media platform is one of the most effective platforms that have been adopted by most of the marketers to promote a business. Social media campaigns should be carried out smartly, to make sure that the campaign turns out to be as effective one. Below are the four social media strategies that every marketer could implement to carry out a successful social media campaign.

1.      Making social presence on Multiple Channels
Engagement with Facebook and Twitter is not enough, audiences are present on such social networking sites in a wide range, but at the same time audiences are also present on other social networks too, therefore, social presence of business on those social networking sites is equally important. Use the content sharing on different channels according to its functions and audiences and implement the social tactics that manage one streamlined campaign.

2.      Quality content that encourages consumers to get engaged
It is necessary to analyse and understand what the customers want, what are they looking for. Creating content that interests the fans is important, as it helps grabbing the attention and this way, people know about a business or a brand that is being promoted. Encouraging the social audiences to create content themselves and are likely to share it further will result in a strong reach to more audiences.

3.      Creating Community Platform
Marketers can make use of community platforms to reach more audiences. Creating a community strategy may turn out to be an effective strategy which gives consumers to have a bigger voice and be a part of broader community. Engaging the audiences by asking various questions and polls will be a good strategy. A friendly forum is always good to have a conversation about various topics and elevate brand’s social credibility.

4.      Enhancing personality of Fan Page
The look and layout of the fan page must sooth one’s eye so that one must stick to the fan page and keep checking for the updates. Using media such as different photographs, videos also contribute to the social reach of the page. Creativity fosters the social engagement of a page, therefore, creativity on the social platform is a must.

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