Tuesday, 10 December 2013

How to initiate Social Media interaction with Blog Content

A blog plays an important role for a business; it is an individual medium for educating the clients and audiences about the kind of work being done. A blog represents its clients and readers about the unique selling proposition, the expert knowledge that is demonstrated, and the trust factor to be made. Not only this, but also a blog serves are a medium for social media content and encourages interaction with several others on the social media platforms. A blog can do very well for a business and encourage the social media crowd to visit the blog and maintain the interest and subscribing to the blogs whenever a new one is being updated. This brings greater level of engagement and effectively grows and makes the trust stronger and increase and maintain the audiences as well as making the business go viral.
Getting audiences for the blog is not easy and making the blog content interact with the social media platforms is not easy as well, therefore it requires proper ideas and strategies. There are few tips to improve the social media interaction with the blog content:
·         Providing simple call to action
A blog should have a simple and precise Call to Action so that it encourages the readers to interact or get engaged. Encouraging the visitors/readers/clients to give response to various topics is very important. Therefore, implementation of something that initiate interaction is mandatory.
·         Insisting readers to initiate discussion
Theblog content should match the expectations of the readers so that such it should initiate a discussion and for that the topic being discussed or shared should be interesting. The content should prompt in such a way that it should initiate a conversation; the blog should contain prompts like questions and opinions, probing for people to share their experiences and so on.
·         Highlighting short amusing story
Different demographics and audiences will have different choices and preferences for where and how they interact with the content. Some people might not be interested to commenting on a blog but may be more interested in interacting with the same on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Short stories can be made on the topic present in the log which may encourage the reader to respond to it.
·         Respond to all
It is necessary to respond to whatever responses are being received by the readers. Whether it is a comment, or a question or even when a reader shares the blog content, a response is necessary so as to build and maintain a relationship with the reader. No comments or questions shall be left unanswered as it discourages not just one, but many.

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